Industries – Food

Concentrating liquid (aqueous) foods is a major unit operation in the food industry.

Freeze Concentration can reduce the volume of fruit and vegetable juices, coffee, beer and many more while preserving their unique aromas and flavours.

Liquid foods with heat sensitive components can safely be processed with our low temperature technologies.

The dairy industry produces various brines which can be processed with our low temperature technologies for re-concentration, thus reducing the salt intake of brine baths, reducing liquid waste and the associated costs.

Most streams originating from the food industry contain heat sensitive components, aromas and odours that can be affected or modified by conventional processing.

Low temperature processes leave all those valuable components unchanged, without requiring the addition of other chemicals to the stream.

COOL Separations is actively involved in research programmes focused on recovery of heat sensitive components from aqueous industrial streams.

FC semi-industrial Unit bought by dutch client for concentrating vegetable juice

What we bring to the table:

  • Energy efficient alternatives to current concentration methods
  • Safe processing of food-related streams
  • Recovery of heat sensitive components
  • Recovery of dissolved components
  • High quality concentrated streams
  • Experience in the design of hygienic equipment