Industries – Chemical

In the chemical industry, a wide variety of process streams require treatment or can benefit from the removal and / or recovery of certain dissolved components.

Low temperature crystallization processes as offered by COOL Separations are the energy efficient alternative to existing methods such as evaporation.

What we bring to the table:

  • Added value
  • Significant volume reduction of waste streams
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Recovery of dissolved components
  • Zero Liquid Discharge possibility

EFC Pilot Unit at the location of  AVR In The Netherlands

Examples from our extensive experience in treating streams originating from the chemical sector

  • Removal of Magnesium from a Zinc production process stream (Nyrstar)
  • Recovery of Sodium Sulfate from an industrial stream originating from the production of pigments (Nubiola)
  • Recovery of Iron Sulphate from a waste stream rich in Sulphuric Acid (Fondel)
  • Treatment of an acidic Sodium Sulfate rich waste water stream for Sodium Sulfate removal and production of clean water (H.C. Starck)
  • Treatment of an Ammonium Sulfate waste stream to produce Ammonium Sulfate and clean water (ThyssenKrupp)
  • Isolation of Succininc Acid from a fermentation process stream (ThyssenKrupp – Uhde)
  • Isolation of Sodium Acetate and Diacetate from solution (Niacet)