Application research & Equipment lease
Process & equipment design
Integrated solutions


  • Initial assessment studies based on literature and our knowledge base
  • Mass & energy balance calculations
  • Laboratory testing in batch operation
  • Small scale test equipment in batch or continuous operation at our facilities in Poortugaal, NL or at the client’s site
  • Pilot plants on customer’s site
  • Operator training (if needed)
  • Rough equipment sizing
  • Cost estimates
  • Detailed calculations on equipment size and complexity depending on the behaviour of a given stream under EFC / FC / CC conditions
  • Detailed cost calculation of equipment (including automation, instrumentation and maintenance)
  • Application based custom equipment design
  • Integrating our technologies with an existing process
  • Combining our technologies with other existing ones for meeting the desired outcome

What we offer is not always an ‘end-of-pipe’ solution. Often an integration with other unit operations is required to come to the best configuration. COOL Separations BV is actively involved in this optimal process configuration design work.