About EFC – FC – CC Technology

High salinity water treatment is a fast growing market due to growth of fresh water production, increased costs and decreased disposal options for saline streams and brines and the constant drive towards Zero Liquid Discharge. On the other hand, recovery of dissolved components from a stream (or waste stream) is attractive as it brings value and / or decreases handling costs considering the reduced volumes and the lower costs for solids disposal (in comparison with liquid waste).

COOL SEPARATIONS brings the Eutectic Freeze Crystallization (EFC), Freeze Concentration (FC) and Cooling Crystallization (CC) technologies to the market as LOW TEMPERATURE, ENERGY EFFICIENT methods to concentrate aqueous process streams and to produce clean water (ice) and pure salt.
Our main focus is on developing  low temperature technologies for wastewater treatment and product recovery. Our know-how on the integration of our technologies with other existing ones such as membrane filtration for instance, provides solutions for handling the most difficult streams in the industry.

Our case studies with EFC, FC and CC technologies can be downloaded here.