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We reduce our customer’s cost and environmental footprint by providing low temperature crystallization based solutions for separation of salt(s) and water or heat sensitive materials and water.

COOL SEPARATIONS brings the Eutectic Freeze Crystallization (EFC), Freeze Concentration (FC) and Cooling Crystallization (CC) processes to the market as ENERGY EFFICIENT methods to concentrate aqueous process streams and produce clean water (ice) and pure salt.

  • Low energy requirements
  • Large volume reduction
  • Wide operating range
  • Easy to operate
  • No product degradation
  • No inlet limit on TDS
  • No scaling
  • No need for additives

Our case studies with EFC, FC and CC technologies can be downloaded here.



COOL Separation in collaboration with Comprimo, Worley

COOL Separations Eutectic Freeze Crystallization Technology announces its collaboration with Comprimo, Worely’s Sulphur Technology Business.

When Cool Separation EFC technology is combined with Comprimo’s Sulfur technology, this process eliminates gaseous and liquid sulphur emissions from the scrubber effluent and provides clean, reusable water. In addition to treating this highly contaminated effluent to recover water, the process also produces sellable salt, which can be used as a raw material for fertilizer industries.

COOL Separations & PROXA WATER enter into collaboration as of January 2018

COOL Separations (formerly known as EFC Separations) and PROXA announce their cooperation to jointly deliver commercial scale eutectic freeze crystallization (EFC) units to treat highly contaminated waste streams. Initially developed by COOL Separations, the innovative EFC process was commercialized through joint development work in PROXA’s Process Development Laboratories. It is targeted at challenging environmental applications, including acid mine drainage and highly concentrated brine streams. EFC technology enables treatment of highly contaminated effluent to produce reusable water and different by-products, which can be tailored according to various needs. Key benefits of the technology include simple & stable operation, no added chemical consumption, and an overall smaller footprint.

EFC Pilot tests at Proxa Water, South Africa

Our Eutectic Freeze Crystallization pilot unit travelled to Paarl, South Africa for running tests on a stream originating from the mining industry. The pilot tests give insight on the most suitable process and equipment design for the coming full scale plant to be commissioned in late 2018 on a major coal mining site. The goal is to achieve ZLD while producing clean water to be reused on site as cooling water and detergent grade salt.’

Freeze Concentration for Dutch client from the food industry

‘Successful demo tests were ran at the location of our client with the purpose of concentrating vegetable juice. A concentration factor of 10x corresponding to more than 90% volume reduction was reached. Our pilot unit was purchased by the client and we are currently working on building a full-scale industrial Freeze Concentration plant.’

Eutectic Freeze Crystallization at UMICORE, Olen

‘Using one of our mobile pilot plants, under EFC conditions, high quality nickel sulphate and well filterable ice were produced from a bleed solution supplied by Umicore. In the two week testrun, process and equipment proved to be robust and reliable during continuous run.’

Eutectic Freeze Crystallization at AVR, Rotterdam

‘Eutectic Freeze Crystallisation was successfully applied in a scaled up version of a scraped cooled wall crystalliser on an industrial aqueous sodium carbonate – sodium bicarbonate waste stream containing traces of molybdenum.’


As a waste water treatment
Removing components from a waste water stream to be reused or to facilitate Zero Liquide Discharge.

As a separation technology
Separation technology for the isolation of valuable products from an aqueous process stream.


Eutectic Freeze Crystallization

Remove / recover water & salt!
Go to Zero Liquid Discharge!

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Freeze Concentration

Remove water & produce a high concentrated brine!
Achieve 80% or more volume reduction!

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Cooling Crystallization

Recover valuable salts!

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